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About Richard Outram

Richard Outram CPA FCCA CFE has over 28 years of experience as a senior corporate financial executive for major companies around the world and has a passion for promoting financial literacy.

The concept of the book series was a dream for 10 years, and together with his wife and two boys, they finally made it a reality. The need for promoting financial literacy continued to grow passionately over the years, where as a senior corporate finance executive, Richard saw the impact that financial stress was having on employee productivity in the work environment. He launched a Financial Literacy training and education company primarily to help improve awareness and consciousness around money management for the corporate employee population. His continuous learning, experience, and research on how to exert the greatest positive influence pointed him back to addressing this important education at home and making an impact with “early adopters” in children. The book is a resource that encourages effective dialogue at home and builds critical money management skills in our future generation.