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The Adventures of Exokid and the Teachings of Money
The Adventures of Exokid and the Teachings of Money


Is an exciting new children’s book about the basics of money management that parents and children can read together.

One day Exokid, a boy from space finds a green piece of paper floating in space and takes it back to its source, planet Earth. There he meets Pennie, “the little CFO” who explains about concepts such as saving, budgeting, and spending responsibly. Read more

About Richard Outram

Richard Outram CPA FCCA CFE CGMA has over 28 years experience as a senior corporate financial executive for major companies around the world and a passion for promoting financial literacy.
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Excerpt from the Book

In Chapter 7, Exokid asks the following question: “I saw people taking money out of a machine at the bank,” said Exokid. “Where did that money come from? Is it free?”
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ISBN: 9781598588989
36 pages
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